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If you are a consumer of FESCO electricity and you did not get your monthly bill, “No problem”. You can check your duplicate FESCO Bill Online for free. Check or download your monthly electricity bill from Printebill. Enter your 14-digit reference number to check, download and take print and pay it at any branch of the bank. Check your bill due date and the amount to be paid within the due date to avoid any issues with electricity.

Fesco electricity customers can check all the information about their bills online and pay them online via any bank’s branches. Fesco is committed to providing electricity to its consumers and improving its services by introducing them online. Customer can check their bills, and apply for new connections online to evade the agent mafia. Apply online and pay for the draft online and get the new connection and billing can be checked online.

What is my FESCO Bill Reference No?

Consumers of Fesco can check their bill reference no from any old bill. If you are a new customer of Fesco and did not receive your first bill online. You need to contact Fesco helpline and by providing the necessary verification you can get your reference no/customer ID or you can check your reference no on demand draft which you have paid to get the Fesco electricity connection.

Customers of FESCO can also check their FESCO Wapda bill online using their customer ID. Reference No consists of 14 number which is given to every connection at the time of installation when the you pay deman draft. Customer ID and reference no is mentioned on the demand draft. The Red highlighted box in the image show where you can see it in your FESCO billing online.


Introduction to FESCO:

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is a public electricity supply, maintenance, and distribution company of the Government of Pakistan. Fesco is one of the best electric supply companies due to its low line losses and high bill recovery. It provides services to 26 million people and has 4.1 million customers. It distributes power to eight districts of the Punjab province of Pakistan. Its biggest city is Faisalabad which is famous for its textile industry.

FESCO Consumers:

Fesco distributes electricity in 8 districts and all the people living in those districts are consumers of FESCO electricity. The districts are given below

JhangBhakkarToba Tek SingChiniot

These districts come under the jurisdiction of FESCO under the license granted by the National Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Government of Pakistan.FESCO has four circles and 21 divisions to distribute power to people in its area. The Fesco Jurisdiction map is given below

fesco billing

FESCO Billing:

FESCO billed its consumers on the basis of units consumed per month. Currently, Fesco has two billing cycles. First, start from the First date of the month to the last date of the month, and second start from the 16 of the month to the 15 of the next month. The due date of the month also varies for billing cycles. The first billing cycle due date is 21 date of every month and the second billing cycle due date is the 6th date of every month.

Check the Lesco Online bill here.

How to Check Fesco Online Bill & Download?

Fesco customers can check their bills online using a 14-digit reference No or customer Id. Following are the steps to check your Fesco online bill.

  1. Type printebill on your browser and press the enter button.
  2. On the opened page find the Fesco Online bill and click on the check your bill now button.
  3. On the newly opened page enter your Reference No/Customer Id. (Note: Checking your bill with reference no please check on your bill, the reference no is U or R, and select according before clicking on the search button.)
  4. After clicking the search button a preview of your web bill will be generated. You can check your bill due date and bill amount here.
  5. Click the print button to save your bill as PDF or take a printout for record purposes.
Watch the Video to check and download Fesco duplicate Bill Online

Fesco SMS and Email Bill Service:

Fesco is working hard to provide better services regarding billing and for this purpose, they have started SMS and email bill service. You will receive your monthly Fesco electricity bill via SMS and Email. Visit the Fesco official website to activate the bill via SMS and email. Receive your Wapda bill on your mobile to avoid paying a fine due to paying the bill after the due date.

fesco bill online

Methods to Pay FESCO Duplicate Electricity Bill:

There are two methods to pay your Fesco Wapda bill. One is the offline method and the second is the online method.

Offline methods:

Offline methods are the traditional methods where you go to the bank or post office and wait for hours in line to pay the electric bill. After taking a printout of the bill you go to any bank branch to pay your bill. With this method, Fesco has allowed consumers to pay their bills in the shop of EasyPaisa and Jazz along with Nadra E-sahulat shops where you can pay your bill without standing in line for hours.

Online Methods:

In online methods, Fesco electricity users pay their bills online using the bank’s official website or apps. pay your bill using your reference no and the amount will be deducted from your bank account. The easiest method is introduced by EasyPaisa and JazzCash where it is not necessary to have an account, download the app and create your account and deposit the money in your account from any nearby EasyPaisa or JazzCash shop and pay your bill online.

Fesco Helpline:

For any query or complaint regarding Fesco services always use the helpline.

For Complaint Helpline118 or UAN # 080066554
Tel #+92- 41- 9220184-9220229
Fax #+92 – 41- 9220233
AddressFaisalabad Electric Supply Company,
West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad,


How do I check my Fesco duplicate bill online?

  1. Search printebill in chrome and open the first website.
  2. look for the Fesco bill on the menu and click on it
  3. On the new page enter your Reference No and click search
  4. Check your bill and if want to download and print click on the print button

What is the Fesco detection bill?

Fesco detection bill is when the meter is faulty due to a technical and mechanical issue and slowness is detected in the meter then the detection bill is charged to customers.

What is FPA in the Fesco electricity bill?

FPA is fuel price adjustment charges calculated on the basis of the price fluctuation of POL. Because electricity is generated from the crude oil in Pakistan.

Final Words:

Fesco electricity users can now check their bill online from anywhere in the world & also can pay their bill through any channels. You just need to now your reference no or Customer id to check your duplicate Fesco electricity bill. We are providing you the easiest possible way to check your bill using our users friendly tool. Bookmark the website to for next month free Fesco online bill check.