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People of KPK living anywhere in the world can check the Pesco bill online from this website. This page is specially created for the people of KPK to check online billing Pesco. Check your Pescobill online using your 14-digit Reference no/customer ID and check the due date and bill amount to be paid before and after the due date.

Customer can check their Pesco duplicate bill online using their distinctive reference no/customer Id for free with the fantastic tool of printebill. The tool is designed in a way that Pesco customers can use it easily. Enter your reference no and the bill will be generated automatically you can download it in Pdf and take the printout with just simple clicks.

How to Check Pesco Bill Online?

Pesco online duplicate bills can be checked with a few clicks. The steps are given below to check your bill Pesco online.

  1. Search in your chrome browser
  2. Search Pesco online bill in the open page and click on the check your bill now button
  3. Enter your reference no/customer id and select customer id if you want to check with customer id and hit search
  4. A preview of your monthly Pesco online bill will be generated where you can check your bill amount and due date
  5. Click on the print button to download the Pesco online billing in pdf or take the printout.

Note; select printer in design to take the printout and if you want to download select download in pdf.

These are the steps to download Pesco duplicate bill online from printebill. Customers of Pesco can check and download or print the Pesco billing online anywhere in the world.

Check iesco Onine bill here.

pesco bill online

What is Reference No and How to find it?

Reference No is a connection identification number that helps Pesco to identify where the connection is installed. Pesco can track all the records of a specific connection with Reference No. It is given to every connection at the time of installation. A customer can install many connections on his name and CNIC but to find the specific connection a unique reference no is given so the connection can be identified easily.

Your connection reference No is printed on your bill you can check it on your bill. It is printed above the connection owner’s name and address of the connection. If you did not receive your first bill and want to check your Wapda bill online, you will have to call on the Pesco helpline or have to visit the nearest customer service center. Picture of the bill with the reference no is circled in red is attached

pesco billing online

Introduction of PESCO:

PESCO stands for Peshawar Electric Supply Company responsible for power distribution and maintenance of KPK except for newly merged districts. It is providing power supply to approximately 3.8 million customers in the KPK province. Pesco maintains a power distribution system with 132 KV and 66 KV grid stations and provides electricity to customers via 11KV and 440 V lines in its jurisdiction.

To work efficiently, Pesco has been divided into 8 circles which cover 1204621 hectares of land which makes it one of the biggest electric supply companies in Pakistan. Pesco was formed in 1998 by dividing Wapda as per the 1984 amendment of the Pakistan constitution. Pesco circle’s names are given below.

Bannu CircleHazara Circle-1Hazara Circle-2Khyber Circle
Mardan CirclePeshawar CircleSwabi CircleSwat Circle

check wapda bill online
Map of Pesco Circles

PESCO Online Billing:

Pesco introduced online billing to facilitate its customers to check their bills online. The government of Pakistan has started a project under the name of Go Green and to reduce the use of paper billing, the Ministry of Energy ordered all the power distribution companies to start the service online billing. Pesco welcome the initiative and started E billing where customers can see their bills online with their reference no.

Pay your Wapda Bill Online:

Electricity users can now pay their bills online using their unique reference No. In Covid-19, the mechanism was prepared with help of banks so that Wapda electricity users can pay their bills online. Pesco users can also pay their bills online using their bank’s official app or website by entering their reference no and the bill amount will show up, just click on the pay button to pay your Wapda electricity bill online. The amount will be deducted from the customer’s bank account. The Pesco bill can also be paid through EasyPaisa and JazzCash applications.

Pesco Helpline:

For the Pesco customers, below are given the contact numbers and addresses of the Pesco helpline where they can register their complaints and take follow-ups. Users of Pesco electricity can complain about bill correction, overbilling, and power outages and take any information regarding Pesco services.

SMS Helpline8118
Phone #111-000-128
AddressWAPDA House, Mall Road, Bashirabad, Peshawar


How do I check my Pesco bill online?

Visit the website and find the Pesco online bill click on the button which will take you to a new page where you have to enter your reference number to check your Pesco bill and hit the print button to download or take the printout.

How do I pay my Pesco bill online?

Login to any bank’s official app and find the utility option. after clicking it find electricity and enter your reference no and enter the power distribution company (Pesco) and it will show the amount of the bill. Hit the pay button and your bill will be paid. You will receive a confirmation SMS from your bank and the amount will be deducted from your account.

How do I check my new electric bill?

Now you can check all your new monthly electric bills from It does not matter which distribution company is providing the services. You just need to find out which company is providing you with the service and what is your reference number. All the power distribution monthly electric bills can be checked with the same process.

How can I check my electricity bill via SMS?

You have to visit the official website of Pesco to register your number for SMS bill service. You will need the reference number and enter your mobile number to register for SMS bill service and you will receive the Pesco electric bill monthly on your mobile. Before registering make sure your mobile number is not ported.


In this article, you learned how to check your Pesco online bill, how to check find the reference number, and how to pay it online. We have also provided additional information on Pesco and how it works. we have also provided the Pesco complaint helpline and the address of Pesco headquarters which makes it easy find visit it if you still facing issues.

You can contact us if you still facing issues in checking your Pesco electricity bill. We will try to solve it ASAP. Contact us on our email and we will reply to you in no time.