Reporting Electricity Theft: Why It’s Important and the Rewards Involved

Electricity theft is a significant problem that affects power companies and consumers alike. It can result in higher electricity bills, power outages, and even electrocution. To combat this issue, many power companies have implemented programs that reward individuals for reporting electricity theft. In this article, we will discuss the importance of reporting electricity theft and the rewards involved.

Why Reporting Electricity Theft?

Electricity theft is a serious crime that impacts everyone. When individuals steal electricity, it leads to higher bills for law-abiding consumers, which can be a significant financial burden. Additionally, electricity theft can cause power outages and create safety hazards for both thieves and the public. Reporting electricity theft is an essential step toward ensuring that power companies can provide reliable and affordable services to their customers.

Reporting Electricity theft

What Rewards are Involved?

Many power companies offer incentives and rewards for individuals who report electricity theft. These rewards can range from cash prizes to bill credits and other incentives. For example, some power companies offer a percentage of the recovered revenue from the theft as a reward, while others offer discounts on future electricity bills. The specific rewards and incentives may vary by company, but they are intended to encourage people to report electricity theft and help reduce the occurrence of this crime.

How to Report Electricity Theft?

If you suspect that someone is stealing electricity, it’s essential to report it to the power company as soon as possible. Most power companies have hotlines and online reporting systems that you can use to report electricity theft. It’s important to provide as much information as possible, such as the location of the theft, the date and time, and any identifying information about the suspected thief. Some power companies also offer anonymity to individuals who report electricity theft to encourage people to come forward.


How do I complain about electricity theft in Karachi? for reporting electricity theft. For technical queries, please call at 118 or 99000.

How do I complain about electricity theft in Multan?

Call the Toll-free MEPCO complaint number at 0800-84338. Listen to the customer representative carefully and follow his guideline. Record your message with the complete detail of the theft location, meter number, and personal identity.

How do I report electricity theft in Pakistan?

Call at 118 or (021)99000 to speak to one of our representatives.SMS us following a one-time registration process. Type CHAT [space], [your message] and SMS it to 8119.


Reporting electricity theft is an essential step toward ensuring the availability of reliable and affordable electricity. By reporting electricity theft, you can help power companies identify and reduce theft, which can ultimately benefit all consumers. Plus, the rewards involved can make reporting electricity theft a beneficial and rewarding experience.